Here are some of my past projects during my time at EASJ, Zibat...

Kaffeprojekt Vandprojekt Mobile

Satyr was a group project, where we had to invent a coffee brand and develop accordingly. I was at the helm by being the project manager as well as being in charge of concept and design.
Our major solution to this assignment was in our brand name, and the concept behind it. In short we derived the name from a coffee legend about Kaldi the goatherd. And expanded upon the goat aspect into "Satyr".

Regal Waters was also a group project, here we had to invent a brand for drinking water and develop accordingly as well. In this project i was in charge of the overall design.
We wanted to create a sort of classiness to our product, which should spur a demand from customers, and so we named it "Regal Waters". With this name we then capitalized on the unobtainability of classiness by adding a bit of fantasy to our product through the mermaid. Which in turn should distinguish us even more from similar products.

In the group project, that was Ragnerok, we had to reinvent a role-playing shop's appearance and marketing strategy. Here i was once again the project manager and in charge of concept and design.
To solve this we decided on focusing on the desctruction that lies behind the name "Ragnerok". And so this shows in our overall design of the website.